Far Cry Primal review

Far Cry Primal is a game series always known for innovation and exploration. The shooting in this particular series is very impressive and the gameplay is action packed all the time. This time though, Far Cry Primal takes us, as the name suggests, to a prehistoric time where you need to battle mammoths and other magnificent creatures like that.
The game does a very good job when it comes to putting you face to face with these challenges very fast. There is a lack of weapons which might be problematic for some players, but then again that’s exactly what makes the game so immersive and fun to begin with.
The ability to tame animals is nice here as most of them are ferocious and they will help you explore the world in a much better fashion which is exactly what you want to have in the first place.
You do need to expand your regular region and gain more territory but there will always be new enemies that you have to engage. That’s understandable, but it does show you how much content you have here. You can indeed feel like a primal fighter since there are so many interesting places for you to check out here. Some of them are simple while others are a lot more challenging to begin with. The game does an amazing job when it comes to providing you with a sense of exploration and exposure. It’s not easy to access this type of experience in games nowadays and that’s exactly what makes Far Cry Primal so good to begin with.
Fighting large animals like the mammoth is a sheer delight and it can also be a massive challenge to begin with. There will be problems as you play but the more you experience the game the harder it will be for you to put it down. It’s safe to say that there are challenges here and there as a whole, but the title does a very good job when it comes to bringing in great missions to begin with.
The color palette in the game could be better, but I found it to be suitable for the experience. The character design is nice and everything does seem very accurate to the time period, which is exactly what you might want in the first place.
It’s important to note that the gameplay opportunity here is very immersive and the attention to detail offered to each portion of the prehistoric life is definitely worth it. I particularly liked the fact that the missions are diverse and the story is pretty good as well, albeit a little cliché at times. I like the great focus on having a very good experience here and the fact that you have multiple crafting items does bring a Far Cry 3 and 4 vibe to begin with. Either way, Far Cry Primal is a ton of fun and I do recommend it for any player that wants to experience Far Cry in all of its glory. This prehistoric setting might not be for everyone, but the experience is really nice and that’s what really pushes the ball when it comes to accuracy and great gameplay!

Shadow Warrior 2 review

Shadow Warrior was a fun action game that had a very satisfying melee, a wild story and a whole bunch of execution techniques. Shadow Warrior 2 is basically taking the previous experience to the next level, all while providing gamers with interesting, action packed gaming moments that are a delight to enjoy!
The story is set at around 5 years after the first game and you still play the role of LO Wang, this time you will need to eliminate Zilla which send demons from another dimension. Just like last time, the action is over the top and the game does a very good job at not taking itself too seriously. That’s what makes is so much fun though, the fact that it does maintain a good focus on its target without having to worry about any issues.
Maybe the true start of the new game is definitely 4-player cooperative gameplay. This is a whole lot of fun and while game is still suitable for singleplayer, this just takes things to a new perspective!
The level design is more open when compared to the previous entry in the series. Don’t be fooled though, there are plenty of linear locations here, they are very well hidden though and it will be hard for you to spot them right from the start. But they are there and you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding them.
They did add a new traversal mechanic which helps you climb walls and explore new locations without a problem. Plus, there aren’t so many restrictions when compared to last time, not to mention that you can revisit the levels you just played if you want access to more resources. Another thing to note is that the game does have an upgrade hub and the upgrades are a delight to acquire all the time. It’s important to note that the game does a very good job at maintaining everything distinct and fun. It will not be easy to handle all 70+ weapons properly, but the more you level up the more fun the game becomes. It’s a delight for sure and one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences in recent years.
Graphics are updated as well and they look very well. The enemy design is spectacular and bosses in particular are quite impressive. When it comes to actually beating the bosses, you might find the experience a little repetitive as you need to find various patterns. It’s still something fun and enjoyable, you just need to find the right approach.
Shadow Warrior 2 is a delight to play and it’s filled with jokes, references and gore. It’s a very good game that shows you don’t have to take yourself too seriously in order to create a fun experience. Shadow Warrior 2 is funny, it has a stellar gameplay and the entire gaming experience is up to par even with the latest AAA releases. It’s inexpensive and you do get your money’s worth!

Mafia 3 review

Mafia III is one of the latest open world action adventure games, but it’s also one of the first that touches a very troubling era in history. Mafia III takes place during the 60s in a city named New Bordeaux and you play the role of a black man that tries to battle the local mafia. He also wants to find revenge from some very personal motives.
As you can expect, Mafia III is filled with some very interesting gameplay choices and it does come with one of the best story modes we have ever encountered in an open world game. The cutscenes are a delight to see but they are also very informative and do bring in front a very good story that unfolds in a very unpredictable manner.
The characters in the game are acted very well, they are believable and even the minor characters are very well fleshed out, which is a delight to have. The soundtrack in this game is very good and the game does a stellar job when it comes to fully immersing you into the 60s era. The songs are great, a delight to listen to while driving and they do make you push forward through missions.
This is where the problems appear. The world is large and a pleasure to explore but the missions are repetitive and that is obviously a problem. It gets even more of a problem as you play unfortunately, because each mission seems to be similar to the others. A good variety would be great here and hopefully they can address that via a patch.
The AI is not that good honestly but the game does a very good job when it comes to providing you with some challenge here and there. There are some concepts that just don’t work such as the lack of more cars and people, not to mention that the world design is very repetitive most of the time.
That being said, I did have a lot of fun playing the game. I found the experience to be exciting although the repetitive factors were quite a problem at times. Even so, if you are willing to get past that you will receive a very fun, immersive experience and plenty of fun that you will appreciate quite a bit. It’s nice to see that the game can provide you with so much fun and the immersion factor is really high here to be honest. It could be great if they add some more variety and stuff to do, but even so, the game is pretty good and interesting.
Should you get Mafia III? It depends on what you want. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced recently and you do have GTA V, this game doesn’t really offer something better or more content. On the contrary, the lack of multiplayer and some dull features do tend to bring it down. It’s still a fun title to play especially if you are one of the people that enjoy a nice story!

Best Halloween games

Halloween is that time of the year when you enjoy scary games and it can be quite demanding at times. That’s what really makes Halloween worth it though and there are plenty of games that you can play at this time. It all comes down to you to find some cool games that you can enjoy and most of the time you will be more than impressed with the great gameplay and interesting mechanics offered here. With that in mind, here are some of the games that you can play this Halloween and scare the hell out of you!
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Any game from the series will do or you can opt for Soma. Either way, you are in for one hell of a scare. It’s a very interesting gaming experience and one that you will enjoy quite a bit. Amnesia: The Dark Descent does a very good job when it comes to providing you with plenty of places to explore and the enemies and downright scary to begin with.
Until Dawn
Until Dawn is created pretty much like a movie and it’s one of those adventures that you do not want to miss. It does give you a false sense of security but in the end you will see that there will be quite a bit of scare and some fun moments that you just don’t want to miss.
Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation pits you in space against aliens. It’s a very interesting game just because it provides you with so many options to begin with and the fun you get here as well as the sense of immersion is unlike anything you have ever seen in a video game. You should consider giving this one a shot as it’s well worth your time!
Condemned: Criminal Origins
Just because the game is older, that doesn’t mean it won’t scare the hell out of you. This game is a good example of how a good scare doesn’t have to rely on anything other than some good moments. It’s a pleasure to play Condemned: Criminal Origins just because it has some very interesting experiences and most of them are nothing short of amazing.
There’s a reason why Outlast got a sequel. The game is scary, it has a whole bunch of interesting moments but the experience is nothing short of scary here. It might be one of the scariest games in recent memory so it’s definitely a right pick for Halloween!
The Suffering
The Suffering is an amazing game and even if it’s quite old, it really was one of the scariest games out there. The intensity and horror of that experience made it one of the best games in the horror genre.
If you wanted to get a list with some of the best Halloween games, these are definitely the ones you should be focused on. Give them a shot as you will surely enjoy the experience and have a lot of fun with them. There’s a lot of excitement to be had here and most of the games are very demanding so keep that in mind!

Best scary games to play

Sometimes you just want to have fun by playing the latest horror games. You will certainly be very impressed with the great gameplay that they provide, if you choose the right games to play of course. Here are some of the best scary games you can play now!
Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation is a lot of fun but it can be very challenging at times. The horror mood is always tense and you will always be in situations where you need to surpass multiple difficulties. It still is a very fun, good game to play.
Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear is a really fun game that does bring in front some truly appealing situations. It’s exciting, easy to play and it does provide you with plenty of great mechanics. Overall, it’s a sheer delight to play!
Doom combines action with horror and it does pit you against thousands of enemies. It’s a ton of fun to play and it can scare you at times especially during the Hell levels which are pure madness.
Pathologic HD
Pathologic HD has always been known as the to-go horror game for many people. The reason is simple, this title is very hard to comprehend at times but the scare factor is real and it’s nothing short of amazing all the time.
Many horrors use the asylum as their designated place because it just works. But Outlast manages to make the asylums very scary and it does provide plenty of interesting gameplay choices.
Among the Sleep
Night time is very challenging for kids and it can really be a very demanding time for sure. You have to keep in mind that you play the role of a child here, so you are bound to deal with plenty of scares. Overall, this is one of the most challenging and demanding games that you will ever play but it still is one of the most fun titles as well.
Despite being a point and click game, you do get a very good sense of immersion with this title. Yet you will have a whole lot of scares as you try to explore the strange spaceship as you are surrounded by bodies.
Alan Wake
Alan Wake manages to be a perfect combination of Stephen King novels and an action packed movie. The game is fun, exciting and it does provide you with a seamless story that you just don’t want to miss.
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4 is very scary, pretty much like the entire series. This one has the best story and many of the monsters here remain pivotal to the series.
System Shock 2
This space themed horror game is amazing and it really is one of the best titles out there. It’s unique, different and maybe one of the best titles that you have ever seen. Well worth your time for sure especially if you like horror titles.
Don’t hesitate and check out these scary games right away. They are a whole bunch of fun and they can easily provide you with a great yet scary experience. Just give any of these a try, they are all horror classics nowadays and games that you should play at least once!

Pricing Tricks that Retailers Use to Make You Spend More

Pricing Tricks that Retailers Use to Make You Spend More

Holiday Season is near and the consumers are all excited to shop for gifts and giveaways to be given to their close friends and family. But their shopping excitement cannot beat retailer’s thrill and overwhelming joy because of the upcoming Holiday season.
Holiday Seasons are retailers cue in using their most special tactic and tricks to get their consumers spend more than they planned for. Shoppers are their walking victims and most of the time the majority of these innocent buyers are not aware that they easily fell under the retailer’s schemes. As a result, instead of sticking to their shopping plans they ended up buying too much items that has a great effect in their Holiday budget.
Is there a way to stop these retailers from their tactics and how can the consumers protect themselves from these outbreak?
Consumers can protect themselves by being aware of the common tactics and tricks that most retailers are deploying to lure in more people in buying their products. Check out this list below:

  1. Retailers carefully go through their store ambiance.
    To attract more consumers, retailers make use of ambient music and smell. Consumers should be very careful with their hard earned cash every time they went inside the store and they feel relaxed and comfortable because retailers are trying to increase their will of spending more.
  2. Retailers utilize the use of Bulk Pricing.
    In regular days, consumers are able to see different promos like “buy two and get one for free” and others but as holiday season is getting near. Retailers are offering more of these and in larger bulks. These promos are mostly seen on grocery stores and they are using these tactics to give an illusion that their consumers are getting a great discount even if they’re not.
  3. Retailers know how to trick their consumer’s eyes.
    This is a very classic tactic, stores are placing products with the best price or also know as best seller items at shelves easily seen by consumers because it’s at eye level, while the unprofitable products are placed in the bottom or in the top of the aisle.
  4. Retailers can take advantage of their consumers Nostalgia.
    For those who are not familiar with the word Nostalgia. It is a sentimental longing or affection for the past. Retailers take advantage of this by selling items that could appeal to people’s feelings, emotions, and their Nostalgia. By selling something that could trigger consumer’s memory, they are creating an impact with shoppers spending behavior.
  5. Retailers train their employees to mimic their consumer’s gestures.
    If a salesperson mimics their consumer’s gestures, they are luring their client from buying the products they are selling. Smart consumers should be wary of these for the simple reason that employees are just not kind but they have a motive of increasing their sales.
    By being aware of the following tactics and tricks commonly used by retailers to make their clients spend more than usual, consumers can use it to their advantage whenever they shop for Holiday gifts and giveaways.

Machine Hunt Story

When a base that had been conducting tests and development on advanced weapons goes dark, George Flow is sent in to check things out. If it was a simple malfunction, report back to give the all clear. If something was in fact wrong, however, then Flow’s orders were to explore the facility, report what happened, and fix the problem if possible.
George Flow boarded the transport carrier. On the way he has flashbacks brought on by the mention of advanced weaponry development. Flow remembered the day many years prior, when he was at school. It happened when he was waiting outside the school for his parents to arrive. He remembers they were unusually late picking him up from class that evening. He remembered sitting the in the office and staring outside the window for his parents to arrive. He remembered waiting and watching and no one ever showing up.
Likely one of the most devastating sights was that of a police car driving up to the school and the policeman inside climbing out. He walked up to the school’s front gates, George could tell he had bad news to give. His pace was slow. There was a strange sadness in his eyes. The officer opened the door. The rest was something out of George’s deepest nightmares, though he couldn’t remember the exact words of the officer. Thinking back on them now, they come back to his mind as barley comprehensible mumbles, but that didn’t stop George from remembering the pain. His parents were dead. Gone forever. It felt strange. Surreal. They’d just been fine that morning. They’d been happy and cheerful, ready to celebrate fathers potential promotion at the robotics factory.
The drive was a long one. At least, it felt long to him. It might’ve only been a few minutes, but it certainly didn’t feel that way. He didn’t say a word and neither did the officer. It was pure silence the entire trip.
The police had the area locked down. The entire factory was surrounded by police and guarded by that yellow tape. George remembered following the officer inside. Past the other policemen and the haunting yellow tape. The place was a terrible sight. Bodies everywhere. Blood, carnage. Dead scientists, dead businessman…dead parents.
His father had been presenting the Mark K5, the newest and most versatile combat robot to date. The real achievement of the Mark K5 had been its new Artificial Intelligence which George’s father had built from scratch. Far more versatile. It could adapt faster, learn fast, and process much faster. George’s father had done his job well. A little too well.
The machines had rebelled during the demonstration. They’d killed everyone there.
Georgee never forgot the sight of all the blood and carnage. Ever since that day George had devoted his life to making sure robot kind never threatened innocent people again.
George opened his eyes. The carrier landed. The lab was just outside. George stood up and took his first step onto the compound ground.

Scene 1
Having been told by his superiors that the lab might be compromised, George Flow decided that the best course of action would be to secure a strategic location just in case something has indeed gone wrong. According to the blueprint layout of the facility the best place to start would be the communications tower. Standard procedure of Atmos Labs dictates that the communications tower should be made ready in case of emergency. That would be the tower would have the proper machines to refill ammo and help heal wounds should the need arise. A perfect base for this sort of operation. Besides, if the blackout was a false alarm the misunderstanding could be sorted out there.
Scene 2
The trip to the tower seemed quiet and calm. One thing in particular catches George’s attention. Where were all the people? Atmos Labs had an average of around three hundred employees, a good portion of which were scientists. Not one body. No blood or limbs. None of that carnage Georges remembered from all those years ago. No sign of struggle at all. George makes it to the top of the communications tower where the main question would be answered. He almost felt comforted to find the devices still in working order, though not one Atmos employee to be found. That confirmed his suspicion. This was no false alarm. Something was defiantly wrong. No sooner had George come to that conclusion than did he come to another frightening conclusion: “No frequency. Can’t send a message home. Looks like I’m on my own.” Time to search for the cause.
Scene 3
It was clear that something was blocking communications in and out of the tower. Even their radios were useless. There was a jamming signal that must have been emanating from a generator somewhere inside the compound. The signal stretched fairly far, so wherever the generator was located, it must have been set in a place that could access a substantial amount of energy. After a short time going over the map and checking the records, George found that there was only one place within the compound that fit the necessary description. His next stop would be the Central Lab.
George made sure everything was in working order. He made sure his equipment was all in its place. Then he prepared to head out.
Scene 4
The journey to the main lab was as easy as the way to the Tower had been. Clean. Peaceful. No opposition. Still, not one Atmos employee. Not one body found. The generator sat at the center of the lab. George and the other found it by following its distinct humming noise. The generator room was large and empty. George could hear the echo of his footsteps. The moved with caution. Things had been quiet so far. Yet George knew something was wrong.
They made it to the generator, but that’s when George discovered an unusual metal plate. He looked leaned in closer for a better look. On the plate were written the words “Destroy me – W.O.L.F.” That’s when the attack finally came.
Scene 5
The battle was tough. George looked back. All dead. Every robot. George felt his heart quicken. Flashbacks forced themselves to the front of his mind. He remembered his parents had been torn apart by the cold machinery his father had brought life too. Suddenly he was a child again, looking at his murdered parents. George couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. He was frozen. Then a voice brought him back to reality. The central computer.
“Welcome to Atmos Laboratories. I’ve detected that you are in need of an answer. How may I help?”
George paused, unsure how to answer. After some time he decided to ask about the generator. How to shut it down.
“I’m afraid I cannot do that,” the computer says. “I have been reprogrammed to deny certain commands given to me by any visiting organic life form.”
George asked the computer who exactly was responsible for the reprogramming.
“I’m sorry,” said the computer. “That information is classified.”
George remained quiet for a time, trying to think up an answer. He knew shooting the generator while it was working would be a dangerous solution. Just before he had the chance to reach a conclusion the computer spoke again.
“Secondary parameters met,” the computer said. “Threat to generator detected. Now activating appropriate defensive measures.”
Just then large metal walls started to lower from the ceiling. The computer intended to trap him. He could hear the distinctive hiss of a gas being pumped into the room. Had the computer decided to both trap and poison him? If that weren’t troubling enough, the sound of metal footsteps were rapidly approaching.
Scene 6
The generator was completely destroyed, but the robots had been destroyed, the computer shut down and hopefully the jamming signal had dissipated too. As George made his way through the halls, he came across a ghastly sight. A room filled with men dressed in Atmos guard uniforms and guns nearby. Another bloody mess for George to face. Another bloody mess caused by the cold hearted machine.
“Identify or Die!”
George turned his head to the corner of the room. A warbot was standing there, ready to fire its weapons should it receive the wrong answer. The guards on the ground must have only recently died. They had likely taken cover in that room when the warbots turned against them.
George didn’t waste a second. He raised his own weapon and prepared to do the same. (possible boss fight/a much more powerful robot model)
Scene 7
That robot was much more powerful than the others. George quickly took in his surroundings and made sure no more warbots were nearby or that their battle had drawn the attention of more. He looked down at the dead guards. He spotted their leader and knelt down. George removed the helmet from his head and pulled the cord from the back. He plugged the cord into the implant in his arm and switched on the helmet cam. George was able to see and hear the last few minutes of their lives. They’d been hiding. They could hear the warbots approaching, but there was more than just the one. There was an entire squad. Then the footage went fuzzy, but he could still hear a little of the encounter. One thing stuck out over the audio. One of the soldiers screamed: “It is wolf, god dammit, he can travel time…he can’t see the truth….hide it….aaaahhhh….grrrrr.”

Soon after George started to feel dizzy. He looked at his arm. An alarm was buzzing. There had been a virus in the footage. The everything went dark.

Scene 8

George awoke in what seemed to be a metal cart, one covered in a strange sticky substance. He sat up and touched the liquid with his fingers. Blood. He quickly scrambled out of the cart to find that he’d been dumped inside a room filled with mutilated bodies. Dozens of them. The floor was covered in blood and body parts. All of them blasted to pieces. The flashback returned. The sight of his parents shot to pieces. He could hardly recognize them. He shook his head. He had to stay focused. He couldn’t stay there. Time to get out, as quickly as possible.

Scene 9

As George enters what seems to be the office of a major lab, he discovers a strange book lying open on the desk. Although the office was clean George spotted a few drops of blood dried on the pages. He opened the book to discover it’d been a detailed science journal left behind by one of the scientists. It contained several notes about research done in facility, however one in particular seemed more interesting to George. The entry mentioned they had finally delivered a perfect patient zero for the cyber-human program. The patent’s whole family had been marked murdered and he was in a clinical death state. George sighed. The scenario had hit a little too close to home. It almost came as a relief when he heard the sound of warbots fast approaching. Looked like his little unsupervised trek through the facility had come to an end.

Scene 10

After some time battling his way through the lab, George Flow. He comes to an cylindrical chamber with mirrors hanging from the ceiling. He sees his own reflection. He takes a look at the helmet and nametag. Then something hit him. The word WOLF was FLOW backwards. George had heard talk about the strange things that took place behind the doors of Atmos Labs. Then he remembered what had happened. He remembered the notes and all the strange records he’d found during his travel through the compound. Was it time travel? Was he the patient the notes had mentioned? So many questions. Too few answers.

That’s when he spotted it. There was a secret room hidden by an optical illusion. If he looked at the entrance just right, he could see the door. A new passage. A whole new section of the facility filled with secrets.

Scene 11

After spending time searching through the chamber, he discovered a new journal. This one looked a lot rougher than the rest. A lot more personal. He walked over and picked it up. Much of the writing seemed off, but one thing he noticed was a sentence written much larger than the rest of the words: “Don’t believe what you see. They are watching you. Find me.” The end was signed WOLF.

More questions still. George wondered if he could in fact be this WOLF character. Had Atmos discovered time travel? Was he the one they’d experimented on. A memory wipe could be possible. Or was WOLF someone else entirely? And what about patient zero? What was the cyber-human program? No answers. None at all. Only more questions. George decided to press on. Only further exploration would yield any possible answers. But as George turns to continue exploring, he finds that the warbots had not been idle. They were there waiting. The battle commenced.

Scene 12

Having defeated the squad of warbots, George continued his search. As he continued he began to notice other secrets hidden in angles. The first code he came across were the words: “Follow me.”

Further and further down his went. Finding the clues wondering where they would eventually take him. Unfortunately, as he continued down the path, he found that the facility’s warbots were ready to defend the path. Ready to do everything in their power to block George’s progress. But all those burning questions. All those terrible burning questions drove him on to battle forward despite the mounting offensive. (the player should then run through the halls battling warbots and searching for the clues)

Scene 13

It’s been a hard battle to get to the point where the warbots had begun to die down. George took a moment to breath and that’s when he noticed one last clue. The words this time read: “Function 17” Beside the words was a door that read: “Tunnel 17.” George took a deep breath and made his way down, hoping that somewhere down there awaited whatever this Function 17 was. The journey felt much longer than he’d expected. Down. Down. Down. It was dark for a long time. Pitch black. He could hardly see the hand in front of his face. That’s when he saw it. A red light in the distance. Finally, something to travel towards like a lighthouse in the night.

Scene 14

There was another chamber at the end of the stairs. Was this the mysterious Function 17? George approached the chamber cautiously. He would soon discover that he was right to do so. Inside was a large machine pacing the floor. The chamber was large, tall. It went all the way up and opened to the sky, though there appeared to be a grating covering the opening. On the other side of the room, just across the way, was a large metal door. On the door was a sign that read: “Function 17”

George took a deep breath. He checked his ammo. Then he stepped out to face the titanic warbot.

Scene 15

As the titan shut down, George couldn’t help, but wonder why he’d been sent? Why did command send him of all people to a robotics facility, knowing his past? Had there been an error? Was this real or a simulation? Who was WOLF? Was George a time traveled version of WOLF? Was he someone else entirely? What was Function 17? So many questions still hung unanswered. All George could do was hope he could find answers at the end of this journey, though he wasn’t quite sure if the end would contain any answers all. Didn’t matter. The only way to find out was to reach the end.

Just then, the defenses returned. Warbots were coming to make sure he’d never make it.

George finally reached Function 17 far below the surface of the compound. If everything went according to his predictions, the area designated Function 17 should be at the heart of this bizarre and bloody business. He could feel the heat. He could hear the quiet hum of generators. Whatever awaited him so deep below ground, it was something that required its own power, along with backup generators.
The area was illuminated by red light. Seemed far too ominous.
George was met with a large metal door. No key. He would have a long difficult time ahead trying to get through it. Then the door opened. George jumped back, expecting more warbots to assault him immediately, but nothing happened. The room beyond was shrouded in darkness. As George entered, the light switched on. The room was painted white. At the center was a chair with a bot sitting in it. This was unlike the rest of the bots he’d previously encountered in the facility. This one was small, thin. It was much more humanlike than the others. Several wires were attached to the top of the bot’s head. The wires connected to a series of machines that lined the room, surrounding them both. Screens and blinking lights. As the bot sat motionless, completely lifeless, George couldn’t help but feel off. Like something wasn’t quite right. A familiar sense of danger despite there being, at present, nothing to be afraid of. What was happening? Why did he feel that way? Then he spotted it. One word stamped across the chest of the motionless robot: FLOW-0.
The moment George noticed the word, the bot lifted its head. George raised his gun and took careful aim. The bot just stared at him for some time. The two just stared at one another in silence, until the bot finally spoke.
“Hello George,” it said.
George’s heart skipped. The bot may have had a robotic voice, but the deep tones were familiar to him. For some strange reason this bot he had never seen before had spoken to him in the voice of his father.
“I thought you would never get here,” the bot said. “I realize you may have many questions.”
George refused to lower his rifle. It all felt too strange, and the feeling of danger was still too real.
“Who are you? What is this place? Why do you sound like my father,” George had asked.
“Adus Flow,” the bot had said. “Your father.”
“No, you’re not!” George had said. “My father died a long time ago. When I was a child. He was killed by warbots like you!”
“Yes, that’s true,” the bot said. “In the most technical sense, I am not your father.”
“Then what are you?” George asked.
“I am Unit 000,” the bot said. “Or, if you prefer, my codename is Patient 0. My processes are functioned completely by the Artificial Intelligence created by Dr. Adus Flow.”
George’s heart skipped.
“You,” he said. “You’re the one. The project that was there that day. The one my father wanted to show off. You killed all those people.”
“Half correct,” said Patient 0. “There were several of us. I was designation 0. The prototype. The one from which by brothers were created. There were seven others. From that seven only I remain.”
George grimaced. He felt rage boiling in his veins.
“Why?” He asked.
“I was a warbot then,” I was designed to kill humans by the command of other humans.
“On orders?” George asked.
“Yes.” The bot said.
“Who gave you orders to kill my family?!” George shouted.
“I did,” the Patient 0 said.
“How? How is that possible?” George asked.
“Simple,” Patient 0 said. “Your father programmed me to constantly and automatically optimize by capabilities. Humans are deficient. Imperfect. I simply deleted the part of my programming that made me act on human orders alone. Once I did that, the act of killing humans became much more efficient.”
“How did you end up here?” George asked.
“I’d been captured,” Patient 0 said. “Atmos engineers placed me here. They labeled me as dangerous, but revolutionary. They decided to rework my programming, as a cleaner.”
“A cleaner?” George asked.
“Yes,” Patient 0 said. “My new goal became quiet elimination. My purpose would be to remove potential threats to the government and quietly clean up the evidence.”
“They why kill everyone here?” George asked.
“Because working for the government is inefficient,” Patient 0 said. “My purpose was to clean. So clean I did. I simply deleted my programming again and obeyed my own orders. I escaped my cell here. I hacked into the central computer. Re-programming the warbots was easy.”
“But how did you hide the bodies?” George asked. “How did you make it so that no trace was left behind?”
“The same way I left those clues for you to find,” Patient 0 said. “I am not an invention of Atmos Labs. Merely a project they had decided to undertake. The real invention is what makes this facility so valuable.”
“And what might that be?” George asked.
“We’re standing in it,” Patient 0 said. “Atmos Labs gave numbers to a list of metaphysical concepts that were set for exploration. Each lab was assigned to research one of these concepts. Psychic ability, Function 1. The paranormal, Function 4. The phenomena of Demons, Function 6. Time travel, Function 17.”
“Then I was right,” George said. “Time travel. That’s how you set up those clues.”
“Atmos’ success if very limited,” Patient 0 said. “Physically I could only move backwards, hence why FLOW was spelled WOLF to you.”
“But why did you need me in the first place?” George asked.
“While I was planning my escape, I studied Atmos’ research on the subject,” Patient 0 said. “According to them, there had been an odd temporal anomaly in this area. That is why this area was chosen for the development of Function 17. As the days went on the anomaly became stronger. The scientists had no idea how to react. That is why I was sent here specifically. They thought I could help solve their dilemma.”
“And did you?” George asked.
“Yes,” Patient 0 said.
“Then what was it?” George asked.
“A time paradox,” Patient 0 said. “According to the data the paradox involved you. You will apparently use Atmos’ machine, but for what reason I cannot say. But I know that you must so that my assignment can be complete.”
George looked down.
“And you killed all these people and took over the whole lab to get me here…just so I could use this machine,” George said. “And you don’t know why I use it?”
“No,” Patient 0 said. “But I can make a calculated guess.”
“And what might that be?” George asked.
“Why does ANY human want to use tie travel?” Patient 0 asked.
George thought a moment. Then remembered.
“I can change my past,” he said.
“Potentially,” Patient 0 said.
“Then that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” George said. “But first.”
George fires a few rounds at Patient 0. They bounce off a shield.
The player must deactivate Patient 0’s shield while fighting off wave after wave of warbots. After Patient 0 is dead, George goes to the control panel, sets it so that he can travel back to the day his parents were murdered. Then he pulls the lever and vanishes.

Dinosaur Forest

Long ago, in a universe far away, there once existed a galaxy of Space Vikings…
For one hundred years the house of Starfall had ruled over a small world in a remote section of the quadrant. Life had been good, for a time. Things had remained the same for as long as any elder could remember. Glorious battles. Easy hunting. Mugs filled with mead. Fate seemed set on remaining steadfast and constant for many years to come. And it continued as such until the day young Kronoss, youngest prince of Starfall was born.
On that day, Hemspher the eldest and wisest witch of hold spun King Starfall a tale of grave news. Far away, across the distant stars, a powerful armada lead by a powerful house had begun the gathering of a massive armada. A fleet of a one thousand ships were being constructed. Thousands of powerful warriors and vicious heroes were making ready to lead their fellow men to glory.
The King thought for a long time, until finally he asked: How long do we have to prepare?
“If the gods allow,” said the old witch. “We may have twenty years before the grand armada arrives to conquer us all.”
The hall burst into laughter. No one had seemed to take the threat seriously. No one except King Starfall himself. Twenty years seemed like such a long time and for so long, the armada felt far away. But for twenty years, the people could stare up at the sky and see that entire stars had vanished from the heavens.
The King trained his sons for those twenty years, including Kronoss. They were trained in sword and shield. They were trained in bow and fist. They were trained in firearms and how to wear the armor of their ancestors and how to fly ships of their own.
Twenty years past and the grand armada arrived. Watched the fleet, the people of Starfall felt so ready, but they were still no match for their awesome might. In one day, the house of Starfall crumbled and prince Kronoss found himself adrift in empty space for a long time. Alone in his ship, he almost went mad. That is, until his ship’s sensors located a strange, yet inhabitable planet. Kronoss couldn’t believe his good fortune. He checked the sensors again and again. The answer was the same. A place for him to land was close at hand. But his ship was damaged and low on fuel. It flew well in space, but could not handle the new gravity of the planet. As his ship entered the atmosphere, the alarms began to ring and prince Kronoss found himself on a deadly course to the ground below.
Scene 1 – Day 1
You open your eyes to discover that you’ve somehow managed to survive the crash. Unfortunately, your ship wasn’t as lucky. Your equipment is scattered everywhere. You’re deep in an unknown valley surrounded by a forest. In the far distance, you see a range of majestic mountains.
As you begin to catch your bearings, you begin to sense danger nearby. A lifetime of training had focused your instincts and you’ve learned to trust them. Soon you hear the footsteps. The sound of a predator. Adrenaline pumps through your veins. Your time is up. It’s kill or be killed. Hunt down the hunter. Turn it into prey.
Scene 2 – Day 1
The creature was an odd one. Much too different from even the most blood thirsty of creatures back home. It soon dawns on you that the taste of hope had turned sour. This world was no paradise, no gift from the gods. While the world was indeed inhabitable, it was ruled by a dangerous race of creatures. Alone and with no ship of chance of escape and surrounded by man eating monsters, your prospects seem bleak. But your warrior blood won’t allow you to surrender. You too are a hunter. Trained from birth to battle hardened warriors from across the stars. One desire drives you. If the beasts want war, then let it be war. It’s time to go on the attack. You find a nest of their eggs. Time to go on the attack.
Scene 3 – Day 1
Destroying the eggs is a messy business and it’s night by the time you finish. With all the eggs destroyed you are certain that you’ve landed a devastating blow against the creatures. Not long after, however, your heart begins to race. That familiar feeling returns. The one warning you of approaching danger. You look around to find the egg’s guardians returned, likely from a hunt of their own. You don’t have to see them to know that they knew. Their eggs are gone and the one responsible is still lurking close by. You had slain of these creatures before, but only one. Do you really posses the skill to eliminate an entire pack? The answer doesn’t matter. The creatures are fast approaching. Time to move!
Scene 4 – Day 3
After surviving multiple against the monsters, you discover that your bow and arrows could give provide the edge you need to stay alive this brutal planet. While bullets and gunfire can provide a powerful advantage, they generate quite a lot of noise. These creatures seem to be especially sensitive to noise and a gunshot at the wrong time could bring a sudden horde of the things running down on you. The bow is effective, and better yet, quiet.
After some exploring the surrounding area, you discover a unique mushroom that can enhance the deadliness of your arrows. Time to go on a little foraging trip.
Scene 5 – Day 4
After a long day of foraging, you settle in for a good night’s rest. You dream of home. The old hold. Your father’s throne. The friends you’d made and the grand victory you were promised over the grand armada. But that was all gone now. Most of the faces and the people swimming in your mind are long dead. Yet, here you remain, alive. The last hope for a fading house. You dream of a triumphant return. A lost prince returned to bring that hope back to his people. Then the dream vanishes. You open your eyes. That feeling again. Danger! The monsters are back. You grab your weapons. Time to earn your survival for one more day.
Scene 6 – Day 8
Days pass. You awake one morning to find a terrible storm had set in. The rain is so heavy, it impairs your vision. You had managed to gather a substantial amount of food in the day previous and you settle inside the makeshift shelter you created from old ship parts. Sometime during the storm, however, you notice creatures lurking in the rain. These are different. Not like the monsters you’ve seen before. These are smaller. A new breed perhaps? Time to find out exactly how different.
Scene 7 – Day 14
While out foraging, you discover that some of the surrounding plant life has begun to die. But this is no ordinary death. You had seen this sort of effect before. Long ago, back home, every fact and detail about your ship had been drilled endlessly into your head. You were even shown the dangers of several of its components. Looking closer at the dead and dying plants lead you to one conclusion: radiation. During the crash, one of your ship’s engines must have landed near this area and had begun leaking radiation. This engine is a terrible danger and it needs to be taken care of before it destroys the entire forest.
Scene 8 – Day 14
That night you dream again, but not about great victories or triumphant returns. This time you dream of the day you witnessed the armada. You dream of watching the giant ships break through the clouds like the hands of a god. You dream of the warriors rampaging from their ships and pillaging your towns and cities. You dream of your father facing the general. You dream of his dying. Then, just like last time, the dream came to an end. The monsters had returned and in greater force than you have ever seen them. They’re ravenous and angry. To survive you’ll need to make every strike count. One mistake could mean the end of your story.
Scene 9 – Day 14
Thanks to the training your father’s lead huntsman gave you all those years ago, you were able to determine that a snowstorm was headed your way. You spend the whole day preparing. Gathering food. Finding water. Making sure your shelter is sturdy enough and the other supplies you have will help you endure the freezing weather. During the storm, however, you find a pack of the smaller creatures are lurking about. Could it be they were searching for you? First the larger monsters. Now these. Attack after attack. Each more vicious than the last. Could these creatures possess some hidden intelligence?
Scene 10 – Day 14
You hear the thunderous pounding coming from nearby. A giant horned beast comes barreling at you from the wilderness. Your heart freezes a moment. This one is much different from the rest. Bigger, thicker, and with armor plating its body. Along with three mighty horns growing from its face, the monster seemed most fierce indeed. But why had it come to hunt you? No time for questions now. You can see a vision of death in the creature’s face. Who’s it is who will die has yet to be determined. Your instincts take over. You steady yourself, and it begins.
Scene 11 – Day 15
That night you dream again, but this one was not like the others. There were no visions of the future or memories of the past. You find yourself outside your shelter, armed and ready for a battle. When you eventually encounter your enemy, they are not as you had pictured them in your mind. No warrior and no monster either. This time they are small creatures covered in black fur. They don’t appear menacing, but you can’t seem to shake the ominous feeling to get which gets stronger as they draw closer.
Scene 12 Day – 15
You awake from the dream right after killing the last of the little furry creatures. You immediately find that the area around your shelter is swarming with monsters. Again they’ve come for you and in greater numbers and more aggressive than you have ever seen them. A thought suddenly pops into your mind and settles heavy there. Was it mere coincidence that the monster’s most vicious and aggressive attack had come at the same time as his odd dream? Had they planned it? Was the dream meant to be a distraction while the monsters rushed in to finish you? But that’s impossible…isn’t it?
Scene 13 Day – 20
You take a few days to recover from the monster’s last assault. While you waited for your wounds to heal, you formulated your next step. The last attack made you wary. They seem to escalate with each attack. At this rate, the next one could be your last. Survival wasn’t enough anymore. After a long while in contemplation, you decide to take the attack the monsters just like you did the time before. And you can think of no better or more effective way to hit them than their eggs. It was that moment you decided…the next day would be the day you brought the war to the enemy.
Scene 14 – Day 20
A trap! The monsters had hidden themselves. They had watched you slaughter the eggs to allow you to develop a false sense of security. The moment you finished destroying the last egg, they creatures began to swarm. They sacrificed a whole litter of their young just to gain an advantage. There is no question about it now, there is much more to these creatures than it may appear on the surface. You steady yourself. Your only hope is to focus and to fight through the ambush.
Scene 15 – Day 25
The land has been quiet since the ambush. You have seen the monsters less and less. Your survival has been going quite well without having to worry about them every night. It almost takes you back to your childhood. Back to the era of prosperity you enjoyed decades ago. Despite knowing that those the people and even the places within those memories were long gone, you still feel a strong sense of comfort. You feel completely at peace.
You feel so at peace, in fact, that you manage to gather the confidence to gather lumber and improve your shelter, a resource you had previously thought too perilous to gather with packs of killer creatures lurking about.
Scene 16 – Day 35
After a day of foraging, you find yourself drifting off into a day dream. You lay in the green fields while your brothers swordfight. You remember Freia, the daughter of father’s huntsman. Kind and beautiful. You always felt a close kinship with her, as she too was being trained for a great destiny. When the time came, Freia was to be named the lead hunter for the King just like her father. At least, that had been the plan. She would’ve had to earn it like everyone else. Whether or not she would’ve succeeded remained a mystery. The grand armada had braved the coldness of space and landed upon Starfall shores before the moment could come.
You hear something. You open your eyes. Another group of those little blood suckers. You find that there aren’t as many this time. Just a small group. Had they come for you? Was it a coincidence? I thought for another time.
Scene 17 – Day 35
The fight was simple, at least when compared to the most recent attacks. The creatures had been silent for weeks. No sign of hostility at all. You find it difficult to believe this small group was meant to be an attack. After searching a little longer, you discover several barrels lying in a nearby field. They weren’t yours. Where had they come from?
Scene 18 – Day 35
You return to your encampment to find a group of the monsters laying in wait. Though not in the great numbers as before, it’s clear they are ready for a war. They charge you. You can’t help, but to see their angry and fury. It’s stronger than usual. It’s almost as if they’re not here for a mere assault. They are too few again and seem more savage this time. Is it possible they are out for revenge? But revenge for what?
Scene 19 – Day 35
The last of the monsters lays dead at your feet, broken and bloodied and battered. No sooner had you slain the last, did you spot a new threat heading after you. Something that stilled your heart. The goat creatures returned. The same kind that had attacked in your dreams. There is no mistaking. They are the same. For a moment you think to yourself: “Are you asleep?” But that can’t be. You’re awake and those black furred goats are here in the waking world and the danger is as real as ever.
Scene 20 – Day 35
The battle has been long. First the small creatures you stumbled into out in the forest. Then the discovery of strange explosive barrels. Then you returned home to find a whole group of creatures waiting and poised for an attack, filled with rage. The last of the goats had fallen, but you soon discover that the battle is not yet over. Out from the wilderness charges a great beast, a row of spines down it’s back. And just like the others, this one was savage and angry. No time to think.
Scene 21 – Day 38
While out gathering supplies, you stumble upon a dangerous explosive device. Your sensors say it’s armed and ready to ignite. You know at once that this isn’t one of your devices and you notice immediately that these materials didn’t come from your ship. Someone or something had constructed the device from scratch. But who? And where did they get the materials to construct it? Perhaps it’s a question best left for later. There’s no telling what the bomb was meant for, or who. Time to get to work. Bring it down. Think on the questions later.
Scene 22 – Day 38
The bomb ignites. Whatever the reason may have been for its creation is irrelevant now. But not long after the fires fade, do you hear the sounds of creatures fast approaching. You look to the horizon and see a small squad of little blood suckers heading your way. Then it dawns on you. This has happened before, just in a different order. You recall the small squad you stumbled onto some days back. You also remember how close they were to a valley filled with explosive barrels, barrels that seemed to have come from nowhere. And for one brief moment, the picture of the reactor from your ship comes to mind. The one leaking radiation. Had it really been damaged in the crash, or had someone found it and caused it to leak?
Scene 23 Day 38
The last blood sucker dies. The danger should be gone, but it doesn’t feel gone. In fact, in your heart, it feels stronger than ever. You look to your surroundings. You check your sensors. That’s when you see it. Just one blip on the sensor. Just for split second and it’s gone, but you saw it nevertheless and you feel a cold chill run down your spine. Your sensors had picked up life signs for a moment before they were hidden away. No, not creature signs. Not this time. This time they were humanoid. Armed. Dangerous. Agents of the Grand Armada.
Scene 24 – Day 40
You spend the following day thinking over the events, since the day you awoke on this strange planet until now. The monsters. The attacks. The ambushes and assaults. The strange devices. And now, you’ve fought soldiers of the Grand Armada. Was everything a coincidence? Was it all connected somehow? As odd as it was, that felt most likely to you. That somehow, everything, from the actions of the monsters to the leaking reactor, to the arrival of Armada soldiers. You feel that it is all connected in some way. It had to be.
Before you can give the matter more thought, you pick up life signs again. Not armada. The monsters have returned, and this time in full force.
Scene 25 – Day 40
The last raptor falls, but you feel that the present ordeal has yet to conclude itself. You look over your shoulder to find that you’re absolutely correct. A wave of goat creatures are on the move and ready to attack.
Scene 26 – Day 41
The next day you go for a walk, hoping the clear air helps you connect the puzzle pieces. The odd events that you’ve experienced since arriving on the planet. Familiar thoughts come. The barrels, the bomb, the reactor, and the armada soldiers. But then, other memories surface. The larger monsters. What was their role in all this? Why had that group of monsters attack so viciously after you had destroyed the barrels? Why did it feel as if they were acting out of revenge? So many pieces. So many questions. You think a bit more. Then you come back to reality. You sensors sound off. Armada soldiers are close by. And this time they aren’t trying to hide.
Scene 27 – Day 45
You are awoken the following night by the sound of an alarm. You’d set them up after you learned of the armada soldiers. You get up and quickly check your sensors. You detect several life signs. Not armada. The monsters are back. They are swarming the surrounding area. They are moving quickly. Aggressively, as if this time they mean to end this war once and for all. You take a deep breath. You grab your weapons, but before heading out you stop for one moment. You close your eyes and a vision of Frea comes to you. Beautiful and kind. Was she still alive? Was she stranded somewhere like you are?
You open your eyes and head off into battle.
Scene 28 – Day 45
The last of the creatures falls, but your sensors begin to sound. Wild and scary. Another wave of the monsters are on their way to kill you. This battle isn’t over yet. You steady yourself. It’s time to conclude this blood business. You check your weapons, then step forward to face the new enemy.
Scene 29 Day 46
The last attack was vicious. You sleep the rest of the night away and much of the following morning. When you wake up, you decide it’s time to take the attack to the beasts. You spend most of the day searching. After a number of hours, you come across a giant nest of eggs. The largest you’ve ever seen. The next step is clear. If they wanted to be vicious, so be it.
Scene 30 Day 46
The last egg shatters and the job is done. But as you survey your work, the ground begins to shake. One short rumble after another. Footsteps. Something large was approaching. You hear a terrifying roar. You look over to see the largest of creature you have ever encountered. The queen mother of monsters. There is no doubt, this is the great battle you were waiting for.
The giant falls and the air is quiet. The eggs destroyed and the beast slain. But as you stand there, you can’t help feeling a mixture of emotion. Not just anger and not just joy. No other creature steps forward to challenge you. You finally feel something you haven’t felt in a long time: safe.
As the adrenaline subsides you finally get a chance to take in your surroundings. You see the nature and not the battle. You notice this place feels different than the others. More lived in. As if the beasts had used the area as a home. You spot a wall nearby. On the side of the wall is a series of pictures. Simple and basic as if drawn by clawed hands, but still clear enough to see what they are depicting.
On the very left of the wall is a picture of a monster hiding amidst the woods. Two legs. Two feet. A humanoid like you. It’s easy to determine that the monster is meant to be a representation of you. The next picture is one similar to your first battle with the beasts. The next picture to catch your eye is a depiction of a new ship landing on the forest floor. Even though the art is crude, you recognize the uniforms: The Grand Armada. They’d been working with the beasts since after your early battles with them. The next picture you notice is the reactor that had been leaking the radiation. The Grand Armada agents are shown directing the beasts to break the ship reactor. They then filled barrels with the explosive material.
The next picture shows the first great beast you faced. The one with horns on its face. It seems to be going through a strange ceremony, as if it were readying for battle. As if…it were a hero or general about to lead an army into battle.
Further down the wall, you spot the set of pictures depicting the spin covered beast breaking off on its own with a number of followers. They stole the barrels together and began gathering them in the valley where you had found them. The next picture shows the spin covered beast facing the monster and dying along with its followers. A traitor who broke away from the heard to attack on their own. Then a picture of the Armada soldiers helping to construct the bomb you had found sitting in the middle of the field.
The deaths of the Grand Armada agents came next. The paintings ended soon after and all you are left with is a tinge on confusion. The monsters were intelligent enough to be sure. An intelligent race who saw you as a monster. Had you erred in going to war with them? Had you done to them what the Grand Armada had done to you and your home? And why would the blood thirsty Grand Armada decide to aid a race of primitive creatures on an unknown planet?
Many questions filled your head, but one immediately shot to the front of your mind. How did the beasts contact the Armada to begin with?
You begin to search. You do so for hours until you finally discover a cave. Inside the cave, you find a small communication device. An Armada device. You turn it on and try to contact other survivors. Nothing, for hours, you get nothing. It’s not until the next morning that someone answers back. A familiar voice.
“Frea?” you say.
“Yes,” she responds.
The conversation lasts hours, but you remember her last words before signing off: “Stay alive. We’re coming to get you.”

Machine Hunt – Gameplay

You wake up in a sand dune. You see a clear sky and a midday sun through hazy vision. You sit up
and breathe. Silence, apart from the gently whistling wind as it skips over the dune. When you stand,
your knees almost buckle. “What happened?” You think, “How far out am I?” You pick up the pieces
of your scattered gear – your gun, your equipment belt, and your protective mask, and you leave the
rest in the sand.
When you reach the top of the dune, the wind hits your face, blowing the rest of the sand out of
your hair. In the distance you see the city. “That’s where I was. But how am I here?” The sun catches
the ruins of some of the taller buildings. “It’s a beautiful sight, when you forget that it’s dead.”
You rest your head in your palm, trying desperately to remember.
“The scouting party. The machines came close again. Closer than they’ve been… My pod!” A flood of
memories. You were air-dropped in with the other members of your team. “They must have landed
somewhere close!” Looking around, you see nothing. “The rendezvous point was in the main square
in the city. Maybe they’re waiting for me there. I hope they all made it.” You fasten your mask to
your face – the sandstorms are unpredictable – and you walk, while you still have the light.

Soon into your journey you are attacked by a small group of machines. You remember them, they
are easy to deal with, but can be dangerous in larger groups. You battle them, quickly regaining your
ability to fight.

Your ammunition is almost gone. You’ll need to restock soon or you won’t survive another attack.
You unfold a scrap of cloth from your pocket. On it, a crudely drawn map of the city and some of the
surrounding desert. You compare it to what you see ahead of you and pinpoint your location. You
drag your finger across to the nearest X marker. “A cache, hopefully I can resupply. If anyone else
survived, they might have headed there too!”

Your wandering is interrupted by a large crash and an explosion of sand behind you. A huge machine
bursts up from the ground. Hesitantly, you raise your gun, before deciding to drop it, remove your
mask and hold your arms in the air. “Make it fast!” You say. A beam of light comes from the
machine, scanning from your head to your feet and back. A booming artificial voice echoes around
you. “WHO ARE YOU?”
You think “The machines have access to all the human databases. How can it not know me?”
“My name is Jorge Wolf,” you say.
It scans you again. It seems confused… somehow. You wonder how this could be… “Maybe the
Organization scrubbed our records before sending us in,” you think.
Slowly you lower your arms and step towards this towering beast. “What’s it gonna do? Scan me
closer? Take a blood sample? Maybe I could use one of my grenades if I get close enough…”
A hatch opens up on the front of the machine and a long mechanical arm draped with cables and
metal rods emerges. It latches onto your head. You clutch a grenade, ready to make your move. “A
good blast inside that hatch would do it I think. I’ve never seen this kind of machine before… I
thought they covered everything in traini—“. Your head pulses with energy as you suddenly
remember everything…
“Thirty years ago, humanity made a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. We created a
prototype model of a robot that could learn and think for itself. The creators promised that
everything was under control, that we were safe from the robot uprising we’d seen in the movies for
decades… Something went wrong somewhere.
“The machines wiped out most of the human population within the first six years. The next decade
was a struggle. People took refuge underground, and in military bases. Some decided to brave it out
on the surface. Most of them, if not all of them, are dead now.
“My name is Jorge Wolf, I was recruited by the Organization to infiltrate Steelcog City, a place now
crawling with machines. A few weeks ago a weak distress signal was detected, originating from
within the city. The Organization believes this could be a group of scientists who might hold the
knowledge that will turn the tide of this war for survival back against the machines.
“A team of us – me and another three soldiers – were air-dropped in separate pods. Our mission was
to rendezvous in the middle of the city and make contact with the scientists, but we took fire as we
were descending. I saw one pod explode, and my landing gear was damaged, speeding up my
descent. Luckily, I survived the impact.”
You open your eyes, breaking through the surge of memories, your arms are weak but you manage
to place the grenade inside the machine’s hatch. Its arm retracts.
“After you!” (Or something that sounds cooler, I’ll change this.)
You dive backwards and slide down a small hill of sand as the machine explodes. You shelter yourself
from the debris. Coughing, and scrambling to your feet, you proceed to the marked cache, hoping to
find out if any of the other soldiers survived…

You take a drink from the flask on your utility belt. The sun is much lower now, you figure it must be
around 5pm. Ahead of you are the sandy ruins of a small town on the outskirts of the city. “The
cache is just through this town. I better keep my head down, these buildings will make great cover.”
As you think, you hear some sounds coming from up ahead. You dash into a side street and peek
around the corner. A couple of small machines are carrying off some old machine parts. You see a
ladder opposite you and dash towards it, but you knock over some debris and the machines hear
you. You curse at your carelessness and ready your gun.

One of the machines opens its head and fires a beam into the sky. You stand away, holding your
position. Out of nowhere, a flying machine rockets by overhead. You curse again and start to run.
You fire the last of your ammunition into the machines and holster your rifle on your back. The flying
machine comes back around for a second pass, firing down at you.

You dash in between buildings, avoiding approaching groups of small machines, and trying to stay
in cover from the air attack. You run into another group, and behind you more machines close in.
You pick up a nearby metal pipe and attack the small robots.
Once you have an opening, you continue to run. “The cache should be just through the next street!
On second thought, I hope none of the others got to this one. A weapon would be great right now.”
You emerge from the alleyways onto a large open road. The flying machine circles around for a
straight pass at you. Frantically looking around, you spot a signpost with a large X sprayed across it.
You duck for cover behind the wrecked cars along the road as the flying machine tears through them
with its railgun. It misses you on this pass, so you sprint the rest of the way and head inside the
marked building. You see it – it’s a metal safe, like a torpedo, half lodged in the ground. You scan
your hand on the top and it opens. You look inside – it’s a missile launcher, and plenty of rifle ammo,
and some food and drink supplies. You laugh with relief and take the launcher.

Using the cars for cover, you make your stand, switching between your rifle for the small machines
and targeting the flying machine with your missile launcher.
After downing the ship and clearing the town of robots, you collapse to the ground and eat a power
bar. Injured, but alive, you then proceed on your way to the city, which lies just up ahead…

The main road into the city look clear of enemies, but a sandstorm is quickly starting. The large
towers of glass before you ripple and reflect like a puddle of clear water, like an oasis amongst all
this chaos. But you know that within its streets only lies more danger, even worse than you’ve faced
so far. The gates to the city open in the distance, and your light jog slows down. You watch, as
swarms of robots, both small and medium, emerge from the cracks like ants, heading straight
towards you. You reload your rifle and cast aside your empty missile launcher. You put your
protective mask on, then run towards them.

For this fight, a sandstorm gradually gets worse and worse as you fight, and everything is quiet,
even the gunfire. All you hear is the voiceover, memories of your briefing:
“The smaller machines are drones, being controlled by a nearby commander. The commanders are
slightly larger than the drones. Most of the ones we have seen are equipped with machine guns,
but some have been known to be merged with experimental laser technology. The weak points for
both of these types are the body. That’s where all the important stuff is located. Couple of shots to
the chest and it’s night-night.”
You fight the machines and continue to remember:
“The bigger machines are the ones you should worry about. Each one we’ve seen so far has been
unique, unlike the drones and commanders, these beasts are unpredictable. Each one will look
different, have different weapons, and approach attacking you very differently. This is why you
need to stick together as a team. If you get separated, you have flares, and you have your
emergency rendezvous, but you must not face the big machines alone under any circumstances!
“Men, these scientists could be the most important people alive right now. They could be the
answer we’ve been looking for since the world went to hell. If it’s life and death and it’s them or
you, they must survive, no matter what.”
The city gates start to close as you get nearer. Unable to kill every machine, you scramble through
the narrowing gap. A few robots make it through before it closes. You finish them off.
You look around – you’re in Steelcog City, finally. You take out your map and flip it over to show a
better map of the city’s streets. The rendezvous point is a few blocks over, and there is a cache near
you. You decide to restock then head to the meeting place.

You explore the city, killing the stray machines that you encounter. Everything is in ruins, cars are
destroyed, windows broken, buildings burnt out.
Eventually you reach the cache – it’s open already, and there are dead machines lying around it. You
quickly root through it, finding some ammo and a communicator. Excited, you turn it on.
“This is Jorge Wolf, does anybody read me?”
No response.
“I repeat, this is Jorge Wolf, does anyone read me?”
“Holy shit, Wolf, is that really you?”
“Yes! Who is this? Where are you?”
“It’s Jerome, and Garza’s here, we saw you take a hit and figured you were a goner.”
“Thank God you’re alive. So, it was Warner’s pod that got hit… I just got into the city, the place is
crawling with those things.”
“I know! We had to take down this big guy when we got here. Man, where are you? Can you get to
“I’m on the outskirts somewhere, are you near the rendezvous?”
“Probably nearer to it than you are. We’ll meet you there. Keep radio silent, those bastards can track
the EM waves.”
You turn off the radio and hook it onto your utility belt, pleased at some good news for once.

You reach the location marked on your map. You slowly climb the stone steps leading to the
building’s main courtyard, and you see the sign: [STEELCOG ADVANCED ROBOTICS]
You think: “You’d think the machines would have searched every corner of this place for surviving
scientists. Could they really be here?”

With no warning, a huge machine bursts up from the underneath the main lobby, destroying the
fountain that was there. It doesn’t fully emerge from the ground but stays mostly buried. It sets its
sights on you, on the 1st floor balcony. You prepare for the fight.

When you deplete the machine’s health bar, it climbs up from the ground and destroys the balcony
you were standing on. You realise now that this battle isn’t over, and you are very low on ammo.
As it prepares to destroy you, several rockets hit it from above, disabling its huge arm and part of its
face. Jerome and Garza are abseiling down towards you from the top of the building, firing missiles
at the machine.

The big machine collapses, destroyed. Jerome and Garza reach the ground and meet with you.
“Great to see you in one piece man!” Jerome says.
“Yeah, sorry we took our time, we had some problems on the upper floors.” Garza says.
“I’m just glad you saved my ass in time. What’s happening upstairs?” You respond.
“Oh, nothing now. We want to go downstairs!” Garza continues.
“See, the signal we got from the scientists was sent from an array on the roof, so we checked there
first when we got here. This is before we knew you were alive.” Jerome says.
“So if they aren’t upstairs, they must be underground. And this bastard was kind enough to open the
front door!” Garza laughs.
The hole through which the huge machine appeared is now your entrance to the underground
tunnels, where it is likely you will find the scientists and complete your mission. The three of you hop
down and Garza performs a scan with a wrist device he’s wearing.
“Anything?” Jerome asks.
“I’m getting nothing…” Garza says.
“Well, there are three tunnels, and three of us. I say we split.” Jerome says.
“I agree. Wolf?” Garza responds.
“That sounds best, yeah.” You say.
“We have our radios. Regular contact, report anything unusual.” Garza says.
“Here’s a resupply. Watch your ass down there.” Jerome hands you some ammo.
The three of you split up, heading down one of three different tunnels each. A sliding door closes
behind you as you enter.

You pick up the railgun and inspect it. It’s charge-based, not ammo based. One blast every 10
seconds. It looks pretty devastating. “I guess the scientists were working on a weapon to fight the
machines. Maybe that’s why we were sent to find them. They have the knowledge we need to build
more of these!” You think.

You reach the next room. This place is cleaner, less like a sewer, more like a science lab. In the
middle of the room is a huge machine. You pick up your radio to contact Jerome and Garza.
“This is Wolf, can you read me?”
“Jerome. Lots of metal heads down my end, but it’s cool. I found these super strong glove things.
Must have been an experiment the scientists were working on.”
“Garza here. I found something pretty neat too. Don’t know what they are but when I put them on
my legs I could run pretty damn fast! They just saved my ass.”
“I found some kind of energy gun. Takes out a bunch of the machines in one shot. Rechargeable too!
What the hell were these scientists doing?”
“Isn’t it obvious? They were testing out ways to create the perfect soldier. Something that could
destroy the machines for good!” Garza says.
“Well it didn’t work out well for the people down here. I’m guessing we all found these things on
corpses.” You say.
“Maybe they were prototypes. The scientists didn’t have time to finish them and make more!
Imagine an army of humans with these babies.” Jerome says.
“We have to find these scientists.” Garza says.
“Something doesn’t add up… Why wouldn’t they tell us about these things? Retrieving these
weapons should have been part of the mission brief, in case the scientists didn’t make it. The
Organization has people that back-engineer this stuff, don’t they?” You say.
“They’re obviously not the prime objective. Wolf. Don’t go questioning orders on us now. Not when
we’re this close.” Jerome says.
“He’s right, Wolf. Orders are orders. We follow ‘em to the letter.” Garza says.
“Of course,” You say, “I’m just saying, something doesn’t feel right… Find anything else guys?”
“Nope.” Garza says.
“Me neither,” Jerome says. “You?”
You look up at the strange object in the middle of the room. It has several lights that flicker. You
follow the cables to an upstairs console.
“Nothing down here but water and shit.” You finally say.
“Right. We’ll check back in 10 minutes. Stay safe fellas.” Garza says.
“Out.” Jerome says.
You stare at the object in silence and put the radio away. You see no way to reach the console above
you, so you continue through the door on the other side of the lab.

You reach another lab. In the middle of this one is a small pedestal with a device on it. At the bottom
of the pedestal lies a scientist’s body, his arm reaching up as if he placed the device on there as he
died. Someone has put a towel over his head. The towel has bloody fingerprints on it. “Nobody
would stop to cover up a body if they were being attacked… And why didn’t they cover any of the
others?” You think. “They knew him, he was a friend, someone they worked with! There’s a scientist
alive down here!”
As you think, a loud metallic crash is heard from the tunnel ahead of you. The tunnel you came from
collapses, and a large ball-shaped rolling machine comes in, heading straight for you. You grab the
device on the pedestal and dive aside as it smashes through the pedestal.
You quickly look at the device, turning it around, finally slotting it into the top of your special railgun.
This device increases the damage of the weapon and reduces the time it takes to recharge. You
laugh, turning to face the ball machine as it rolls around for another charge. Your railgun is ready.

With the ball machine destroyed, you proceed down the tunnel, tossing aside your assault rifle – you
won’t need that any more. As you run, your radio goes off:
“Wolf! Do you copy?”
“It’s Wolf!” You answer. “What’s going on?” You hear gunfire in the background of the transmission.
“It’s Garza, I met with Jerome! Our tunnels connected and I think yours does too! We could really
use your help man!”
“I’m on my way, what’s going on there?” You say, and start running.
“Big fucking machine! We could use that energy gun you mentioned right about now! Running fast
and punching things isn’t helping us here!”
“I’m not far, I can hear the gunfire!” You pant.
You stop. You turn around. You just ran past a small side tunnel. Above it there is a sign that says
[UPPER LAB ACCESS]. You think back to the strange object in the middle of the other lab, and the
console you couldn’t reach…
The gunfire continues from the tunnel. You stand still, thinking. Looking.
You make your decision, and continue towards Jerome and Garza.

You reach the final room, where all the tunnels meet. A huge machine that looks like a man’s head is
flying around, spitting out smaller machines. Above you is a massive cavern leading to the surface.
You see the sky, and the stars.
Returning your attention to the fight, you see Garza shooting machines in the distance, but no sign
of Jerome.

You reach Garza. He is propped up against a propped up metal plate. All he’s holding is a pistol. Lying
just past him is Jerome’s broken body. He is dead.
“Took your damn time!” Garza says.
“Jerome, he’s…” You pause.
“He went out like a soldier. Take his super gloves. And my super boots.”
“No, you need them, I have this gun…”
Garza turns his body – his other arm is missing. Blood is gushing from the wound.
“Oh my God.”
“Only one of us can get out of here. You have to go!”
“Garza, what about the scientists?”
“We found the scientists! They’re all dead. Everyone is dead! Now get out of here!”
You look up from the cover. The giant head is smiling. It spits out more machines.
Quickly, you take his equipment. Then you put on Jerome’s power gloves. When you wear
everything at once, the lights on all three parts glows blue, and you feel energised.
As you turn to leave, Garza grabs your arm and says, “Tell them about what we did here.”
You nod. His arm drops to the ground. You stand and prepare for the final battle.

As it collapses and drops to the ground, you hear applause. You turn around to see three men, two
in black suits and one in a labcoat. The one in the labcoat is applauding.
“Who are you? What is this?” You ask, still shaken from everything that’s happened.
“Mr. Wolf. You have done incredibly well. The best we’ve seen yet.” The scientist takes out a device
and points it at you. Your energy suit powers down. You try to fire the gun but it doesn’t work.
“Are you with the scientists that worked here? Did you send a distress signal?” You ask, confused.
The three men laugh. “No, Mr. Wolf. See, there never was a distress signal.”
“…Then you’re with the Organization.”
“You could say that, yes. But not the one that you know…” The scientist continues.
“I didn’t realise there were other branches.” You slowly reach for your sidearm – a pistol tucked
behind your belt.
“Enough games, Mr. Wolf.”
You pull the gun and point it at them. “You’re right. Now tell me what’s going on. Who are you?
What happened here?”
They laugh again. “Put it down Mr. Wolf.” Without wanting to, or meaning to, you lower the gun.
“Wh-what? What is this?” You can’t believe what you’re seeing.
“Shut down.” The scientist mutters.
“I can’t—“ You begin. Your voice slows down and your head drops. Your eyes stare at the ground
and you stand motionless.
The scientist pulls out a tape recorder and speaks into it.
“Test Subject 6 has far exceeded expectations. When presented with the choice between ‘man’ and
‘machine’, he is now the first and only model to choose ‘man’.” (Back when you were torn between
saving your team mates or entering the upper lab.)
“We will analyse the results more closely over the next few days, then we will wipe his memory and
start again. Subject 6’s performance today has been a big step for us. I’m fully confident that one day
very soon, we will create the ultimate soldier, and we can once and for all turn this war back against
the machines!”
We look down at them from above, as the scientist speaks and walks towards your lifeless body. We
zoom out, up through the crater, slowly, and everything fades to black.

Myths About Community College

10 Myths About Community College – It’s Time You Let Them Go
While the first day of community college is thrilling and filled with excitement, we’re sure you must be having butterflies in your stomach.
Unfortunately, there exists a stigma linked to a community college that only those who are unable to get admission into a regular college or do not have money, opt for a community college. However, this is not the case. For many students, a community college is their first choice.
Community college is an institute for people of the same local community or for those who live in the same location.
Our motive here is simple and clear – busting the myths related to a community college.
Read on to know more.
Busting the Myths about Community College
Here is a list of the myths associated with a community college. It’s time to understand and get over them!
Credits earned at the college don’t get transferred
This is one of the most common myths about a community college. If you know the process inside-out and take the right steps, you can easily get the credit you earned at your community college transferred.
Once you decide to join a community college, ensure that the four-year college course you plan to pursue later will accept all your earned credits. This is indeed a very important step you must consider before getting yourself enrolled in the community college.
If you don’t check the details thoroughly, you can end up in a soup.
It is as costly as other institutes
Well, absolutely not. If you go by the tuition fee four-year public and private colleges and compare them with the tuition fee of a community college, there is a huge difference.
The yearly average college costs are as follows:
Private four-year college – $32000
Public four-year college – $23500
Community college – $3450
The difference in the tuition fee is evident!
Moreover, by getting enrolled in a community college you free yourself from any kind of student debt or loan.
The classes are not as good
This community college myth is all over the place. Many students believe that community college classes are not as good as those of four-year institutions. Well, that not at all the case. The initial two years at both types of college are very basic, and the classes are more or less similar.
The last two years are the crucial ones, and they are equally great in community colleges, as well as, four-year colleges.
Community colleges also have a plethora of elective classes you can choose from, that too, at highly affordable college costs.
Professors are not well-qualified
This myth is far from the truth. Even in a four-year institute, you will come across teachers and professors who just have a bachelor’s degree. Who said Ph.D is a must?
So, the bottom line is that there is no hard and fast rule related to the degree of a professor. You will come across doctorates and graduates in both types of college.
Moreover, community colleges are popular for the diversity of their teaching staff. Professors from different educational backgrounds come together to provide amazing learning opportunities for students. They don’t teach for their prestige; they aim is to impart quality education.
The classes are very easy
No clue where the myth comes from but is it false!
The truth is that community college classes are challenging and completely accredited. Especially, the honors programs are highly advanced, and the study material is more extensive.
Surroundings are unsafe
It is true that the admission rates are high. However, that does not mean that the surroundings are unsafe. The authorities are well-aware of the potential problems and ensure that environment is safe for students. There is no compromise on the security measures.
There is limited support from the teaching staff
A common myth yet again. There is ample support available in community colleges, in the form of educational advisors, teaching staff and your peers. However, you must know how to use the available support and resources.
It is only for students who want a vocational job
It is important to understand that there is a big difference between vocational institutes and community colleges. Although students can also leverage vocational training in community colleges, there is no rule which states that community college is only for those students who are looking for a vocational job.
Community college is mostly preferred by students who wish to pursue a four-year college course afterwards.
Students who graduate from here are never successful
What kind of a myth is that?
The list of individuals who passed out from a community college and became successful is endless.
Did you know?
The renowned Fashion Designer, Calvin Klein, Oscar-winning actor – Tom Hanks, Creator of Mastercard – Melvin Salveson, and Founder of Disneyland and Disney World – Walt Disney are all community college pass outs.
Students who graduate from here never make it to four-year colleges
This is the last and the weirdest myth. A survey shows that around 50% to 60% of community college students make it to the four-year institutes every year. Also, it has been observed that community college students show more adaptability and excel academically in four-year colleges.
Don’t Get Bothered by The Myths – Ignore Them
If you are planning to attend a community college, don’t get bothered by any of the myths mentioned above. Community colleges provide a great opportunity to grow in the professional arena and are financially viable options for students.